BooJee Beads Necklaces & Retractable Badge Reels New
Assorted Wholesale Lot



Assorted wholesale lot of New BooJee Beads

We are closing the section of our retail store and we are offering our
entire inventory of BooJee Beads in on lot at a great price.  This is
below the wholesale that we had to pay from the manufacturer.  This
would be a great way to get started if you have a shop.  This would
also be a great way to buy a large number of gifts at a great price.

A complete list of the inventory is shown below:


  3 pieces of necklace "Hope For Cure" Style #100303
  2 pieces of necklace "Angel BooJee" Style #100207
  1 piece of necklace "Amethyst Geo" Style #100020
  1 piece of necklace "Flower Box" Style #140019

Badge Reels

  5 pieces of badge reel "Sea Splash" Style #100634
  1 piece of badge reel "Sparkle Heart" Style #100633
  1 piece of badge reel "Pink Ribbon" Style #100628
  2 pieces of badge reel "Blooming Assort" Style #100621



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